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Big Bears Communication Policy

We at Big Bear are committed to answer all requests for information in the form of brochures, images and technical advice on all our products and services and offer warranty for all our brands bought legitimately within the UK from authorised dealers. If you have any requests please contact us by any means below:

    Montesol Ltd T/A Big Bear
Unit 25, Fleetway Industrial Estate
Perivale, Middlesex

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    Fax:   +44 (0) 208 991 9255
  Customer Service:

Big Bears Sales Policy

Big Bear is a wholesale company whose role is to act as UK distributor for our exclusive quality brands

We only sell to retailers but are committed to marketing and servicing our clients whoever thy are from retail dealer to avid end user
All our brands are serviced at the point of purchase and all enquires should be directed at the retail point from were you purchased the goods 
If you are a retailer looking to source our brands you can contact us via our sales desk Sales or call us on the numbers below

Help Desk

Your first point of call should you need any questions answered about our products, returns, sales or other services is our help desk? Get a help ticket and your question will be relayed to key personnel and tracking created to follow your problem through the system and is probably the speediest way to have your questions answered.


Warranty Policy

We are committed to answering questions from both retailers and end users however should you have purchased one of our products from a retailer and are dissatisfied or have a warranty issue, your first port of call on all enquires should be directed to them.

SiDi Warranty

SiDi cycle shoes are warranted if accompanied by the red warranty sticker on the side of the box. We advise that should this sticker be missing you will not be able to warranty the shoes via Big Bear and suggest you ask the dealer for warranted product.


Becoming A Dealer

To become a dealer you will require to be based in the UK and have a retail operation either in bricks and mortar or online.
All accounts are subject to credit checks prior to being allowed any form of terms; but we do have a range of payment options and B2B store

To become an account you will need to complete our Account Application Form and sign our terms and conditions

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 Online Account Application Form

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