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Distribution services
First and foremost, we are distributors of high quality apparel, equipment and accessories across different market sectors.  However, in today’s fast moving world of retail and the prevalent market conditions, our services go beyond the traditional distribution model.  Now more than ever, it has become essential to be as nimble as possible, quickly embracing and reacting to new trends in order to meet market specific needs.


Increasingly, distribution is becoming more technology driven and therefore, we constantly invest in new systems to stay ahead of the game.  In addition, we recognise that new breeds of retailer are emerging, also requiring new types of service, tailored to their specific needs, to help augment their retail distribution chain.


We offer a CRM site for our clients to look up a host of information from order tracking, returns, stock control and credit status.


Our B2B store also gives you access 24/7 to all our products at a time that is convenient to you

It has always been our job to understand our clients but it is now more apparent than ever before that simple supply chain logistics will not carry us forward into this new era of multi-channel retail.   The new reality requires a partnership, working with our clients to combine our strengths, whilst understanding and overcoming the challenges in our respective fields.  Working together at all times to seek and add value to each other’s enterprises in what has become a value driven process, where value does not only define price but embraces all aspects of our partnership and follows down the chain to the end user.


The bottom-line is working together in unpredictable and ever changing market conditions so we can achieve common goals, in essence we are greater than the sum of our two parts.


It is with this in mind that we offer a range of services for different retail channels:  
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Bricks and mortar

The traditional retail model, where business is solely conducted on retail premises, for e.g. on the high street or in shopping malls.  As a result, the end consumer is largely made up of members of the local community.  All product is sold on site.

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Clicks and mortar
A retailer with both a traditional bricks and mortar store on the high street or in a shopping mall, in addition to an online web presence with ecommerce activity.  Products are sold in-store and online.
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Pure Clicks
Retailers with no high street or store retail presence.  They are purely virtual and as a result are largely service and logistics driven.  Products are sold online.
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Our service commitment is to treat each customer as an individual and respect their individual enterprises, at a time when the fast paced change in market activity presents us daily with new opportunities and challenges.


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